Posh Pua Bikinis

Posh Pua Bikinis

If you had to take one bikini on vacation, which would you choose? We choose Posh Pua. This bohemian luxe brand is the perfect combo of minimalistic and sexy. The bikinis are teeny and look good on all body types. They are the perfect bikinis for girls with an active lifestyles and always on the go. Pair them up with a surfboard and head to the beach! These bikinis don’t play around.

Posh Pua is made for the active girl on the beach who loves the water. While the designs are creative and trendy, they also are made to be functional. The designer of Posh Pua, Julie Stone, creates these bikinis with the best fabric and materials. She wants to ensure that the bikinis hold their shape and design against the elements-sand, surf and wind.

The bikinis are designed and produced in top travel destinations: Hawaii and Bali. From the people, to the weather, and varied landscape there is no limit on the inspirations. Julie believes these tropical destinations help translate designs and styles into the swimwear. They are made with a little bit of Aloha and a whole lot of love!

Posh Pua can be worn during your active days on the beach or during your relaxing days. Whether you are surfing, swimming, tanning or reading your book, this bikini is made for it all! Posh Pua bikinis are usually detailed with crochet lining and unique designs. These ultra feminine looks look good on anyone. Staying true to the sporty/feminine look, we love it paired up with trendy crochet dress and your favorite baseball cap.

Posh Pua  bikinis are made for your active, carefree and island gypsy self. So hit the waves and keep on living! Check out the brand here. We promise you will love it.

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