about us

Claudia Morillo and Andrea Krafft are a mother + daughter team that has spent years researching and sourcing non-toxic and clean products for their own families. The mission of Casa Cacique is to provide a one-stop shop to find effective and useful products for every room in your home.

Claudia led the lifestyle shift in her own home after being diagnosed with rosacea in 2019. After much research, she began to detox her body through diet and environment. She immediately began to see and feel the healing happening in her body. Andrea was already inclined to living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and outdoor activities but it wasn't until witnessing her mother's shift that she realized she could also detox to live a better quality of life. Andrea began implementing subtle changes and once she became pregnant with her daughter, she took serious action into learning how she could create a safe and healthy environment for her and her family. Andrea and Claudia have become a resource of knowledge to their friends and family for non-toxic living and are elated to be able to share their resources with the world!

"Adding one or two toxic-free products in your home can make a huge difference! It's not about overwhelming or pressuring yourself to live in a completely toxic-free world (it's impossible without driving yourself crazy!), it's about making subtle shifts to elevate your well-being!" -Andrea Krafft, Co-Founder

Fun Fact: What does Cacique (pronounced kah-seek) mean?
The name Cacique comes from the family's home country of Colombia. Cacique is a term used for native tribe leaders. In the coastal town of Cartagena, a statue of the first female "cacique" stands. The name symbolizes the strength and power of all women. We invite all women to find comfort and confidence with being a part of our community.

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