Thoughtful Beauty Brands of 2023

Clean makeup is a category we’ve long been excited about and understand there’s no single definition of clean, green or safe. It's more what clean means to the individual consumer and how far each person wants to take that commitment. Some brands might define clean by the ingredients used or what is being excluded, also where and how ingredients are sourced is a huge factor for many.

We believe it's extremely important each consumer does their own research based on their out standards. (FYI: The EU and other countries have banned or limited more than 1,600 chemicals from personal care products vs the 11 cosmetic ingredients banned in the United States.) This sort of compliance gives manufactures the authority to craft 'clean' products to their own standards, and market it to their consumers at their own discretion.

We recommend the best products through our own personal research and preference, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend.

We put together our own personal favorite beauty products and by no means is this a definitive list, but rather a selection of brands we love that follow eco-friendly standards and align with us. 

Salt & Stone is skincare and self-care for a life lived in motion | Cacique Boutique

SALT & STONE - is skincare and self-care for a life lived in motion. Built on and from a connection to the natural world, they combine active ingredients from the sea and mountains with skin science and intoxicating fragrances, for a sensorial experience that soothes and restores. Casa Cacique's favorite 100% NON-TOXIC DEODORANT

ILIA - Clean, skin-centric beauty. Ilia believes in skin that looks like skin—and radiance that comes naturally. With transparency as their guide and color as their vehicle, they challenge the conventions of clean beauty to create something radically new, through safe, potent formulas that protect and revive your skin. Casa Cacique's favorite restorative, rich and moisturizing lip conditioner.


True Botanicals is a luxurious, consciously crafted skincare brand | Casa Cacique

TRUE BOTANICAL - Is a luxurious, consciously crafted skincare brand on a mission to deliver clean and sustainable products that are clinically proven to work at the highest standards. 

We ethically source vegan ingredients from the vibrant intelligence of nature, without any toxins or fillers, ever. Each product delivers potent concentrations of plant actives that are known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant properties. Every scoop, spritz and slather is a sensorial, indulgent experience that can make an extraordinary difference for your skin, as well as the planet.
WELL PEOPLE - Making award-winning beauty from premium, plant-powered ingredients long before it was cool. Formulas that improve your skin's long-term health and respect the planet. Casa Cacique's favorite light-as-air loose brightening powder.

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